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  copyrights by Javier Procaccini
2022 all rights reserved  

  Based in the beautiful Engadin Valley, Switzerland, 

I have allways taken photographs,

with film cameras ..back in the days,

to digital now.

   Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

i was interested in photography since a young age 

and taking pictures while living my snowboarding

and mountain lifestyle became my thrive.


   I'm interested in different lifestyles, and people who love to enjoy it.

Sports are a great part of it for me, and in the first place the ones around nature.

I also have a need for travelling, knowing the world and the different cultures.


email contact: 


So get in touch with me, to organize a photoshoot, or discuss a project.

I 'm allways thrilled to make images, let me know what you are looking for.

And if you want to have any of these shots from the site,

..just send me a email.

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